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My replacement tablet has arrived! It is a wave 2 supposedly, though I really have no reason to really doubt wacom as they have provided really good customer service, Also it came with windows 8.1 instead of just 8.

In anycase, I spent yesterday reinstalling all of my software. I named it Midna, after the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess guide. 

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Commission Information

Sketch - $15    

Sketch with flat color- $20    

Sketch with full color- $25

Line art- $30   

Line art with flat color- $35   

Line art with full color- $45

Prices above are for a single character with a flat or non-detailed background, bust or waist up. For anything extra please contact me and we can negotiate prices for what you need!

Price includes three minor corrections at any stage. Major re-construction or more than three corrections will cost $5 each.

Refunds are available at any stage, but a percentage of the fee will be kept depending on amount of work done on the piece.

Commissions will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis, but if you need something by a deadline or a certain time (like a gift) please make me aware and I will try to work something out with you!

Please do not hesitate to pick through my gallery and point at something you like, if you want a particular style or color scheme!

The entire price of the piece must be paid up front. I’m sorry, but I’ve been ripped off one too many times. This is not negotiable.

I have the right to refuse service or give a refund at any time.

I do not do sexually explicit works or fetish material. Nudes are acceptable.

Contact me at:

RenonVesir on skype.

Message me on tumblr, deviantart, or weasyl.

More commission relogging! Their art is great so check it out!

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I think.. I need more carrots.

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Reopening commissions again, but due to a full-time job and time constraints it will be busts only I’m afraid.

Commission Rules:

- Send me an Ask to reserve a slot.

- Reference pictures of your characters to be sent via e-mail to Please don’t forget to include your username/name so that I know who is it is.

- Payment to be sent via Paypal only. If you have any questions about currency conversion please use a currency converter from Google as rates change day to day. (Paypal has a function to convert any currency to Euros for those concerned)

- Will draw characters from ANY game (not just Wildstar)/ANY OCs provided they are not protected by copyright. Just give me enough reference pics. You can include a short description of their personality if you think it will help.

- Once I agree to your commission, payment is to be made up-front before I begin work on the picture.

To make sure the pose/character is satisfactory I will send you a rough sketch before finalizing the lineart and colours. Any changes after this point may cost extra!

I will send the full-sized, un-watermarked version of the picture to your e-mail when the commission is complete (A4 at 300 pixels/inch; approximately 2490x3508 pixels).

I try to maintain a quick turnaround time for all of my commissions. However, Real Life does like to kick me in the ovaries sometimes. When this happens, I kindly request a little patience.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to Ask.

Reblogging here, because this is also open for all SWTOR toons!

Reblogging to help a fellow artist!  Her work is awesome and you should commission her!

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First sketch of my trainer progression! Her getting her team at their first stages.

Sadly I have not had the time or money to buy a sketchbook so I’ve been drawing on really small scrap paper from work (like half the size of standard letter paper) so it’s REALLY weird for me being so constricted. But still, good practice!

I also nicknamed the„ which I’ve never done! My Ducklett is Lily(the only girl, haha) Farfetch’d is Reed, Magby is Moltar, Lotad is Pato and the Psyduck is Shiva. I actually have a second Psyduck I named Waddles who is my HM slave because I am never evolving him ever.

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Trying to do some sketching practice since it’s been a while.

I’ve been playing Pokemon X, and there is this picture journal thing i want to do of how my team grows with each badge i got. So figured I’d practice drawing some pokemon since it’s been a few years.

So my team is a DUCK TEAM! Filled with pokemon that look duck-like to me in some way.

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Where I have been -insert two week haitus-

Sorry I’ve been kinda missing guys, my tablet has finally experienced the dreaded “plugged in, not charging” bug that the cintiq companion suffers from.

I’ve been experimenting with letting the battery completely drain so as not even the red “in reserve battery charge now” light has died. At that point it finally DOES charge which leads me to wonder if its a faulty battery. I know its not the cable as it charges my friends cintiq perfectly fine.

But I digress, I finally called Wacom support today and spoke to someone about the state of the “plugged in not charging” issue affecting tablets.

Apparently it was an issue affecting most wave 1 tablets and wave 2 tablets seem to have solved this issue. Supposedly they are going to be sending me a wave 2 tablet after they receive my tablet and ensure it is truely defective.

But I’m going to have to wait 10-15 business days. Sooo.. I will probably do some paper sketching in the meantime but for now I am unable to do any digital art as my intuos pen broke many moons ago and I am too poor to buy a replacement.

Ill be shipping my tablet out tomorrow.
I miss it already.

Sorry to post this twice but I thought it would be easier to condense it all into one post.

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An ooold old art trade I owe to my partner in crime of two of our characters Serapha and Fenris chilling and most likely having some kind of sassy conversation about Fenris being lazy.

Unfortunately I seem to have lost Fenris’ mist recent ref work so I had to remake him from memory.. and I just made up some clothes for him since I actually have not finished his design.

He’s a kind of wolf-cat thing, as I clearly butchered.

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Christmas Art Trade that is WAAAY over due. She requested the character Kenshiro from Fists of the North Star having a famous shirt-explosion. I’ve never seen the anime so I did my best to recreate what I saw from youtube, haha. 

You can see their half to me here!

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"Don’t we look alike?"

Finally finished it :) a redraw of this old piece from 3 years ago. I started it in december when I got my cintiq  and finally decided it would be good painting practice, just to develop a technique for myself.

Its the villain from the story my partner in crime and I are writing. The skull was her twin sister.

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More lineart I’m sorry, it’s too hot to color, cant think @__@

This is a WIP birthday gift for a friend of his speedster. I used some Flash poses as reference.

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More Ivory, now with comfy thorn vines.

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Finally finished an icon piece for my husband, to coincide with mine, for… I guess anything he feels like using it for? Also still just trying to.. find a painting style for myself, i suppose. So more tablet practice!
Of course the jerk shaved the beard after bugging me to draw him with it xD aah I still love him though.

Finally finished an icon piece for my husband, to coincide with mine, for… I guess anything he feels like using it for? Also still just trying to.. find a painting style for myself, i suppose. So more tablet practice!

Of course the jerk shaved the beard after bugging me to draw him with it xD aah I still love him though.

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Sorry I’m posting so much WIP/lineart gyuys. I’m trying to get my drawing spirit back since the last 3 months of job hunting really has me down.

Anyway,this was the first picture I had started on my tablet, which is also a redraw of an older picture of the villain from the story my partner in crime and I are writing. Didn’t draw her cape yet since I have some BG stuff to workout.

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Wooo lines done! Don’t know if I’ll be coloring this anytime soon since I have a lot of otherwork to get done, but for now I can leave it at this.

Fanart of the Wildstar beta characters my husband and I played, Granok Warrior and Human Esper.

Want some wildstar Fanart of your own? Or any other artwork? I’m open for commissions!